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Colorado Catfish.. When's the bite start?

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Hey all,

When do the Colorado catfish turn-on to bite?
A fishing partner tells me to look towards June, but I don't know why... I'm inclined to think they turn on much sooner than that. Whay say you, you cat fishing aficionados?

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fishingkats said:
isnt that bad people dont see me out there so
they call to make sure everything is ok  ;D
no thats good!
the funny part is when my kids get up to go to school and ask can they tell their friends where we were fishing and what kinda bait or do they just tell them about the fish
thats when it gets funny
or when kids ask me my mom and dad want to know where you were fishing
hey if you go to my profile you will see my yahoo name and on my yahoo profile i have pic of a fish and my kid
here is a pic of a cat with my son 2 years ago

i have some more pics but still cant find them
still looking this wasnt the bigest one that year
Haha he looks scared to death of that catfish. Nice picture
at the time he was but he says now if he had that fish he would wrestle with it in the tub
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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