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Colorado fishing in Mexico

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OK, we are headed to the Caribbean (Playa del Carmen) to get away from this heat! So, I have my tackle in front of me, and I figure I will pack my 9-foot medium action rod, 12 pound monofilament test on my largest spinning reel. I plan on just walking the shore, fishing for fun. Who knows, maybe I will hook up with a bone. What lures and other terminal tackle would you pack?
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Bring some plastics:twister tails or senkos or sassy shads.Kastmasters,rapalas,rattletraps will all work.The most important thing is bring some fine WIRE LEADERS!
Those ocean fish will take every one of your lures if you dont.I've fished from the shore in mexico prolly 50 times and trust me they will bite off your lures!The fishing wasnt very good for me at playa del carmen when I was there but who knows? It'll be a blast ! Good luck-wish I was goin.
Wire leaders--check!
tell me how you do ....i keep trying to talk my wife into a canada honeymoon but it might now work maybe it will be mexico ...if so ill try to trick her and end up at el salto ..but if not maybe the ocean ..........ahahahahaha....
good luck

and take alot of pics of the girls on the beach

oh and any fish you catch
Like kats said- When I was down there there were lots of topless women running around. No LIE!
when i was in the navy we used squid you buy from the store and cut it into 2-4in strips and use a slip sinker set-up we would go to this when nothing else worked and its funny but it allways out produced lures. good luck.
All right, thanks for the tips! Especially about the tops coming off! ;D
Yeah, don't forget to post pics. You could set the record for the post w/ the most views! ;D Seriously, ... Post pics. ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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