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Went on Saturday...hooked up with Ken and was a blast and I learned a lot...especially about Lakers and Walleyes through the ice...learned a bunch about electronics...if you get a chance to go on Sunday...I highly recommend it...listening to the LoonMeister was way worth the price of admission (has a career in public speaking in his future!)...thanks to Bernie Keefe, Troy Parsons, Bob Hix, Bart Stoneback, Dave Bryant and Jeff Looney for sharing lots of information and laughs!...

I have myself talked into a guided Lake Trout trip with Berning...I havent ever ice fished lakers...but I have a rod reel now...and enough knowledge that I could make a very reasonable shot at driving up to Grandby and catching a few...I am sooooo stoked...he cut my learning curve dramatically...I figure a days fishing with him will drop a significant time off my learning curve too...I absolutely have myself talked into a Vexilar...18FL look out here I is soooooooooooo has to buy one self a Christmas present...WOO HOO!!!...

That was a is now 3:51 am and I have been up 23 hours and am out of control...still have to get my fantasy football line up in...two hours sleep and off to a fishing guess I better wrap this up...

But if you are looking for something to do tomorrow...I again recommend going...if you cant get out and least get out and talk about it...these guys will help...LOTS!...

Thanks Again!!!

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