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Colorado Lakes location website?

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Back a couple months after this board kicked off someone posted a link that had the GPS coordinates to just about every lake in colordao. Not the resourceanalysis one a different one. If I remember right it didnt have much information about the lakes just location, GPS, and size or something. Anyways, does anyone remember this site? Have this site or one like it? I'm tryiing to find a lake that isnt on topowest's waypoints, which is the main resource I use to find most lakes I visit. But if I can get the GPS coordinates to the lake I can find it on topowest.
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No thats the site I use, the lake isnt listed on Topo in the places so I have to find it with coordinates... The other site didnt have maps just locations.
Jay-I just knew it was gonna be you-you must have a thousand entries on your favorites list on your computer. If anybody knows how to find info better than you, I haven't met 'em. Great work.
kirbydog said:
If anybody knows how to find info better than you, I haven't met 'em. Great work.

Thats funny you say that cause the other person that is good at finding info is the same person that started this thread. Im not even sure if this is the link he wanted but we'll seee when he checks it.

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
cool site jay thanks
Jay_In_Parker said:
I think this is the site I posted before: ??????

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
Jay you the man!!! Thats the site I needed, I dont know why I didnt bookmark it the first time around when it came up on the forums. Thanks.
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