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Colorado River 3/4/06

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well, ice and I thought about hitting the colorado yesterday after rifle, but he was tired and the river looked muddy so we decided not to. BIG MISTAKE. We talked to my dad on his cell phone, who was fishing it at the time, and he said he'd only caught 9 thus far, and no nice fish (meaning none over 17" or so). My dad kept trying though, and he eventually found where the big rainbows were stacked. He caught 12 in the last 2 hours, including 2 11 pounders (28 and 29") and 2 7 pounders (24", 24.5"). All were big female rainbows FULL of eggs. He was doing very good on shallow sandbars with current yesterday... a classic pre-spawn rainbow spot. He caught them on drifted nightcrawlers. All of his fish were barely hooked in the lip...he lost many other large fish also. He got pics of the 2 7 pounders cuz his partner was with him then (who oddly enough wasn't catching much), and he was going to get a picture of the first 11 pounder but his partner screwed up and the fish fell out of my dad's hands and back in the water. Instead of grabbing for it or hurting it, he let it go so it could live. The other 11 pounder he caught after his partner had left, and it was too dark for a picture. Dang...we didn't catch ANY trout over 10# last year, and he is nailing them this year already.

River was very muddy...less than 1 foot of visibility. Once he found where they were stacked, they didn't spook because of this. It just took him a while I guess.
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glenwood area. below the confluence with the fork. The biggest I've ever caught above the confluence (that comes to mind) is a 9 3/4 lb brown 3 or 4 years ago. It was a male in full spawn colors. My dad caught an 11 pound bow about 3 years ago though above the confluence. I don't even want to think about how many times my dad has broken the 10 pound mark in the past 5's only a handful of times. My dad is now officially the river king. I guess I had to pass on the torch.
BTW, he fished this morning and did great AGAIN. Caught 8 trout from 8AM to 11 AM. 6 bows 2 browns. Biggest was an 8# bow and all the rest of the fish were "only" 14-18" fatties. I am time we are on the river (might not be until july...ughhh...)I am going to throw him in...Lol.
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