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Fished the colorado river today from 9:10 to approximately 5:30. Fishing was very tough around glenwood springs, south canyon and canyon creek areas, catching only 4 fish until about 2:00. I believe this is because these are rainbow areas (deep sandbars) that don't hold many browns, and the rainbows are starting to spawn. We saw hundreds in the main canyon creek hole, a few better than 30". (note, this hole is ILLEGAL to fish this time of year, as is the river around it.) When we finally hit grizzly creek area, we did really well. We found a good hole and between the 3 of us we caught 26 fish in about an hour.
My final totals: 12 trout: 2 rainbows, 2 cuttbows, 8 browns. Biggest fish was a 3 lb. rainbow, also caught several browns approaching 3 lbs on curly tail grubs. Every fish was hooked in the lip and released quickly, usually without being taken out of the water. I took 3 fish out of the water briefly for a photo. I also caught a 4 lb. white sucker which I killed and kept for cutbait.

My suggestions: Fish brown trout spots. The rainbows are staging to spawn and most are spawning. A brown trout spot is a spot with a rocky bottom, usually more of a run than a big hole. Although a hole with a rocky bottom is good as well for browns. Stay away from sandbars because those are rainbow spots, and have very few rainbows and mostly suckers at this time.
As usual, worms and curly tail grubs caught many fish for me. But if you are a flyfisherman, I suggest fishing roughly 100 yards below where the roaring fork dumps into the colorado. There are a bunch of fish down there chomping on emergers and march browns. Flyfisherman will do well here and only here for the time being. I did manage to fool a couple fish down here though on worms while they werre eating march brown emergers? It was kind of strange...but they still didn't mind worms. I suggest wearing waders to fish this spot effectively.
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