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Got there at about 8:30. Fishing by 9:00. I caught 11 trout (8 browns, 3 rainbows) in about an hour and a half. Mostly 15-18", 2 pound fish. My brother and dad each caught several fish in the 3-4 pound range, although they didn't catch as many fish as I did. My dad's buddy did pretty good, even though he caught a huge 3 pound roundtail chub, he had 10 trout but that fish was a 20 fish penalty so he ended the day with -10, lol. Two members of our party became very sick from, we believe, eating McDonald's in rifle. So we left. Basically we fooled around for 30 minutes or so before we left, saw a flyfisherman catch a 5 pounder on a stonefly. (really nice guy by the way, hope he remembers the name of this site.)
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