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I fished the lower section of Glenwood Canyon from No Name Rest Area to 3/4 mile up  river. I started at 10:00 a.m. and the bite started out slow. I was using a # 12 orange color egg pattern with a # 18 buckskin as the dropper. I  later switched to a #16 Flash Back P.T. with a #20 Brassie. I started fishing the pocket water closest to the bank with minimal success. Only a few small Browns. I increased my leaders? length and added split shot and started fishing the deeper runs. I finally started to catch bigger fish. They were taking both the Brassie and the P.T. I fished until  2:30 and all together I caught four Rainbows and seven Browns. The biggest being  a 3 lb. Rainbow. The water was clear (For Glenwood Canyon) and the temperature was in the high fifties. It was sunny with midge activity but very little surface activity. Should only improve from now until runoff. Hopefully it will remain clear for a while longer.
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