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Colorado River - Pump House

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That's my destination for this weekend and I was wondeirng if anyone has been there recently? Rather than fishing my main concern is about the snow conditions for car camping. Is there much there?

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you should be fine with the way the weather has been it will probaly be pretty muddy good luck with the fishin
Hopefully it will only be muddy. Thanks for the reply.
Decent fishin' up there for smaller bows and browns compared to down lower. Most of your fish will be 12-16". I'm afraid the river will be fairly low clarity though, today was hot outside. Use either a gigantic streamer if you are a flyfisherman, a big curly tail if you are a spinfisherman, or a big juicy worm bounced along bottom if clarity allows. Good luck
The Colorado in this area has tons of rainbows and browns with some big ones over 20". The fish don't run as big as they do down in the Glenwood area, but hogs are still around.
This time of year the river is usually starting to get muddy from the beginnings of runoff. But tons of trout are present, and the best presentation is a drifted crawler. Larger panther martins work too, as do smaller nymphs if you fish flies. The river won't be clear again till Early July.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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