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Yesterday I fished the Colorado between Radium and State Bridge. Contrary to published reports, the river is not like "chocolate milk", rather about the color of weak tea, with an olive green tint, visibility is about 18 inches. It is running bank full and very fast; not safe for wading. All the pools, eddies and pocket water are submerged, making fishing just about impossible. The Piney River, which joins the Colorado at State Bridge often provides clear water that the trout take refuge in, but the Piney is above bank full and is just a series of white water cataracts from the confluence upstream. I hiked about 2 miles up looking for fishable water and found none (walking game trails on the steep sideslopes was pretty hard on these 69 year old legs.) Right now it looks this runoff is coming from lower level parts of the watershed, there is still lots of snow above 9,000 feet.

I also checked Williams Fork Res. It is about half ice covered. The inlet area is open, but the river is very high coming in and fishing was poor. Another couple of weeks and things will improve.

On my hike up the Piney I picked up a couple of ticks. They are getting active with the warm weather, so be careful and check yourselves if you fish where there is brush or trees. They are on the branches and fall on to you when you pass by. Ticks carry Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, but even if they aren't infected they can cause a lot of problems.
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