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Colorado Waters With Redear Sunfish?

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I was thinking about what Colorado fish that I haven't caught yet and the redear is one of the few I would really like to check off the list. I was wondering what lakes and ponds have them? PM's are welcome, I won't tell any secrets.

Colorado fish that I haven't caught yet:
Tiger trout
Golden trout
Arctic char
Sacramento perch
Flathead catfish
Blue catfish?
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They put some redear in one of the ponds at St. Vrain State Park. You'll have to wait until they open it back up. Nebraska I-80 lakes have redear.
Stalker lake you will catch a redear for sure, and maybe even a state record bass. I caught a good amount the one time I went all little guys.
Joe wright for Grayling. June-September. I have had great success out of my tube, fishing small flashy bead head flies without an indicator. 10-20' down.
Flats and blues..... The lower Arkansas valley area and lakes have them for sure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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