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Took a last minute day off to put a dent in my 340 hours of vacation time. Went in pursuit of Zman’s favourite piscatorial cuisine at a well know lake.

We got there @ 7:00AM with a temp of 12 degrees. No slush with I’d guestimate 18 inches of ice.

Fired up the GPS and made our way to the never, ever, failed honey spot and confidently drilled some holes.

After half an hour, when we should have been slamming and we were NOT I got the itch to move. My mistake was NOT moving and drilling right then, I dumbly sat there for another half an hour, confident they’d come rolling through.

Fast forward to an hour later and I finally started the hunt. 60 fow to 50 fow, then to 40 then to 30.

Finally found em at 30 ft within a lazy stones throw of the bank.(hint: structure) Thump and a nice fat 17 is on the ice. Bam, the drag zings, a nice fight and a loss at the hole trying to maneuver his head.

Gather the gang up and get them all off the original spot. Another nice one lost and some more thumpers.

Total score: 3 fishermen/4 fish.

Typical of the 4..

Not my best day on the ice, but a good save that would have been way better if I had moved when my instincts told me to.

Moral of the story? Don’t sit on your honey hole no matter how much it’s given you in the past. Move, drill, move drill.

Peace and lotza fishes to you all!

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P-Dog with a report! And with pics! NICE!

Glad you got out and enjoyed the day. As said before, it sure beats a day of work.


would you be willing to pass some of your vacation time to my account?
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