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Was out fishing today in the same spot I've fished the last 3 days, I hooked a perch which was like the 10th one in a row and as im bringing it in I see a huge bass chasing it, 3 feet away from me(I was wading) the bass is just going hard on the perch I pull the perch out of the water and drop it back out infront of me and the bass came back again and was attacking it trying to bite it from the side. I then felt the perch had enough and let it go, this was like a 9 inch perch too so it wasn't small it was a big bass! I don't think this was a bass protecting its bed because I have fished the same exact spot for 3 days in a row and caught over 100 perch and 50 bass, reeling them all in through the same general paths. The only bedding bass I could see was directly to my right about 5 feet away and stayed there all 3 days, I think this fish was just hungry8)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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