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I fail to understand how non N95 face shields will help stop the spread of the virus.
From the discussions on our campus, I am of the understanding that an alternate type covering such as a bandana can significantly stop the rate of droplet introduction, which is a key purpose of a mask (source control).

While a bandanna may provide some protection against droplet exposure, it more likely helps drastically reduce the spread from infected people who are Asymptomatic (which agencies are saying could account for up to 50% of people who get it).

An N95 might be most important when a person is knowingly exposed to contaminants (i.e silica) or is exposed to a potential carrier that is not masked (I.e hospital patient). I am sure there are many more technical advantages to N95s, but its pretty cool to see these agencies and companies become more transparent during this experience, relaxing reuse protocols and expirations dates of products and recommending alternate masking options to the general public.
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