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Well we finally put a short video together for our Channel, The Hardest Catch.
Just CPR footage for a trailer to the channel. We'll be Catching Macks, pike, walleye, muskie eventually. Big fish of many species, IF we can findem. All in Colorado so far. We got the GoPro's late in the season. So currently building footage for more videos.
Check out the video, or don't. I'd love to hear some of your feedback. So if you like it, subscribe, like and or comment. I'm just a fishing bum, who loves the mountains and fishing.
Some know me on here, some don't. I'm Bratfish on FX, TL1000R here, this is what i do.
I was already told the text is small on phones. I will correct that next video, as well as sorry for the information I know alot of you already know. Trying to figure out the premeire pro program, & give some information on Lakers as well.
Thanks for reading, Viewing or passing on it, or Passing it on to someone you know. GL on your big fish hunts.
THC fishing.
BTW stay tuned to the, to be Continued part that footage is sweet. let me know what you think about the ending. That was shot IN Colorado. We will be eventually including more footage of that nature in the videos when we can get it. Always good to see, how the fish react.
Thanks Brian
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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