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Shore fishing you want shallow to medium running cranks. A strike king KVD 1.5 will fit the bill. Shad colors are best. I usually have a white belly(sexy shad) and a chrome (chrome or gold sexy shad).

These baits are meant to be fished erratic, a medium retrieve, with some mixed in snaps of the rod, pauses of the reel handle are the trigger. One must find "trigger" for any given day. Parallel banks with them, and always make contact with structure. They come thru weeds surprisingly well, IF you learn to give it some slack and snap the living daylights out of it, the weeds generally pop free, and hold on when doing so.

Jerks I could write forever on, such a versatile bait. and they catch fish year round. I am not sure what you are targeting, but eyes like slower steadier retrieves, and this retrieve is best at night.

Daylight calls for bigger moves. Snapping slack line is the trigger here. Less length of pause in warm water.
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