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Crappie bite is getting good!

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You would think working from home means I could spend more time fishing. This simply hasn't been the case for me. In fact I am far busier now than ever.

I still manage to spend 10 to 30 minutes here and there at some local ponds on my way to grab groceries, pick up food, etc. Been catching a ton of Crappie for several weeks now. Nothing huge, because of the average size in the pond, but still fun on the flail stick on flies I tie myself.

Anyways for those of you with more freedom of time than me. Get out there! The fish are biting!
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Right on with the flail stick and home brew flies !!

Same here as far as work, busy AF, only thing that changed was travel was put on hold.

I’ve been slacking horribly on fishing, hope to change that come May.

Glad your getting out .

Thanks for sharing !!

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