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fished Frank Easement Ponds today......caught a crappie on a 1/16 black in-line spinner. I would like to catch more. What kind of strategy do you all use when targeting crappies? What kind of structure do crappies usally haunt?

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Slayed them last year using 1/16 Getzit with smelly jelly under a slip float.
I do really good catching them using medium size twister tails in the summer and the small size during winter.
On the west slope you can't use live minnows, so I use small chartreuse, silver, or white tube jigs on a tiny slip head underneath a clear slip bobber. I just set the stop to the depth the crappies are holding, starting about 4 feet below the surface and working progressively deeper until I contact fish. This seems to work very well and when I find fish I catch them. I always tip the tube with a small sliver of nightcrawler or a maggot if I can find them. We have some decent crappie fishing over here in some lakes. Highline lake has a lot of them with some big ones. Harvey Gap and Rio Blanco lake have large populations of smaller crappies in the six to eight inch range and occasionally bigger, but they are plentiful. Crawford lake has a smaller population that is tough to find at times, but they average as big as the larger fish from highline. Some real slabs.
We used to have some ponds near the river that were full of slabs and some hog bass. But the squawfish kissers poisoned them all. Oh well, that's another story.
Stick with small tubes or twister tails under slipfloats, or use small live minnows if they are legal.
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Ice in the veins is right...they stage near rocks and brush piles this time of year...small bobbers or slip floats with a minnow or a twister tail or just a cheap marabou jig...the marabou jig is one of the greatest crappie getters of all a few feet under a bobber...cast out...reel in a foot or so slowly...stop it for a second and Minnesota I used to out fish the minnow guys by a lot using my fly rod with three attractor flies on it...sometimes I would even get a triple with 3 fish on at the same time...
Thanks for the advice....looking forward to trying some of those techniques soon... :)
I like red and white tube jigs the small ones. The thing about crappies is when you find one just keep casting into the same spot there usually a school of them there. Brush piles, downed logs, stumps and docks are where I target them.
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