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When will you start trying to catch them if not already?
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I've caught some already at quail lake here in the springs.
I live in aurora and i have caught some in these lil ponds they have in the apartments off of illiff. My favorite place to catch them is the little river that runs just off of chambers. I've tried there but had no luck.
I'm guessing I'll get a few this weekend. My spot is the ponds at Chatfield. About this time of the year they move really close in by the shore and you can get them very easily. The best place is the island in the big pond. Hike over there and look in the rocky areas. You catch them all day.
Is there a special net or trap that you guys use?
I use chicken liver. I wrap fishing line around it to keep it together. Drop it down wait for a lil bit, pull it up and just like that you have wiper bait.
I take some bacon and just tie it to a small rope. Throw it out for 30sec and slowly drag it in.

I catch them so where in Longmont, CO by an old folks place where theres got to be quiet 24 7 and there a little ditch and I just through out some pieaces of not fozed but not cooked little peices of hot dogs on a stick with string and at the end of the string a paper clip. And Catch thosands a day. BUT ONLY IN THE SUMMER!!!! :)
Aurora Res, Cherry creek res, and the Crerry Creek spillway all have tons. I use chicken liver, tie it to a string. If I want to catch a lot in a short time, I'll bring a little strainer to help pick them up.
be a man, use ur hands to catch them!! haha
Aj when they show up at the spill way let me know, never tried there before. I just use the tail, break off the shell, just fresh piece of meat.
Mustang said:
be a man, use ur hands to catch them!! haha
Out of the 6 or 7 states I've caught crawdads in this is the only state I've caught a crawdad that was able to draw blood. I was like no way he just did that and then while I was holding him looking and the 2 lines of blood on my finger he got another finger the little bugger.
HOOKNLINE- Do you rig that up any special way? I think some of the biggest out there may be at Aurora. I've never tried to catch them there, just seen some biggens wash up. Used to catch tons at cherry creek. quite a few in the park-cant remember the name- that off of DTC/ Quincy in the tech center.
I get alot of crwdads from Hine Lake.  Its west of Sims and north of Coal Mine.  We just dangle dead minnow on a string from the fishing dock around the rocks and the crawdads latch right on.  Big one4-5 inches.  I also discovered that if you walk around the lake to the inlet, when the water is flowing in the evenings in July and August there are hundreds of crawdads trying to climb into the inlet.  Often they are crawling on the bank too.  Real easy pickings, just don't let them grab you with a pincher!  Yeow it hurts.

No just wrap it around tight so the liver doesnt fall off thats all. I usually tie 3 to 4 of them.

Come on ePiC, you gotta be careful! I know what you mean. Last summer I was night fishing at Chatfield and caught a big crawdad and I was holding it and my friens and I were arguing about something when it got the soft kin on the top of my hand!!! OUCH! so I was trying to fling it off and in the process tripped over my rod, fell on it, and snappe the tip off when my knee came down on it and a rock. The point is be careful with your crawdad, but using your hand makes it a "more intense" hunt, because I'm always a tiny bit nervous grabbing the big ones. While I'm on this I have another story. I was barefooted wading around the edges of the island in the big pond at Cahtfield when I saw a crawdad I wanted. I slowly lifted the rock to get him when this massive crawdad darted out at me. I had never seen one this big and I swear it was attacking me. I fell backwards into the water and gave up on the crwdads that day. So I guess I just like the thrill when the fishing is slow. Like they say...teenagers never learn...

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How well do the traps work? Is it just as fast to catch them by hand I want quantity for wiper bait.
I have seen hundreds crawling around the inlet at Hine Lake last year I filled a plastic grocery sack full of them This places has lots of crawdads!
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