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Croke reservoir?

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I'd like to try this place out but don't want to go out there and get skunked.Any info would be great.Thanks.
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motar oil 4 in power worms or chartruse crank baits
in the past i;ve had great success here i;ve caught alot of bass from 8 -15 iches alot of big bluegill and some huge yellow perch its flies and lures only
bigbrown46 said:
motar oil 4 in power worms or chartruse crank baits
motar oil 4 in power worms- Works great there. I've caught many bass on rooster tails, also. Big bluegills using flies.
Do i just push the gate open to get in or does it have to be opened bye a ranger????
not sure about there but ingeneral if it is not locked or posted id go thru just make to leave the gate as you found it
Ok thanx i might try this place out tonight i'll report back
checked it out today...NOTHING not even a looker.But i do like this place tho it looks as if it has potential.I tried the motor oil worm and the chartuse crank.nothing
Dunbar I think you live up north right? Have you been to Spratt or ponds at 88th and Macay? What lures work bet? Going there today for the first time....

Well i do go to spratt all the time but i don't live up north i live in lakewood.But i've found that topwater frogs over the alge,Texas creature baits,and occansional tube.But good luck TH
where is this croke lake u speak of?
Croke is overrun with small bass and they need to be thinned out.
yea but there stubborn little bass.i didn't even get a bite.
Passed by Croke about a hundred times, but never fished it. I heard that it used to hold some Tiger Muskies and Largemouths, however I cannot confirm this.

croke has big bass in it just have take your time and find the spots ......It used to be alot better some asian familys came in a few years ago and fished for bluegill will little shrimp everyday and took everything home ...I think that was the main forage for bass so the number declined quiet a bit used to be able to walk out on the pier and see hundreds of bluegill and perch...then hiding in the rocks you could see big bass .....every once and a while a little kid would be reeling in a bluegill and bass would just smash it to see.......If I remeber right the fishing close to home says its only 8 feet deep (no tigers muskys) ....When I was 18 I actually got fired from a job for not leaving croke when the bite was hot .....there is 5lb potential in croke maybe bigger just need to learn that lake ...
maybe now that the small gills have been thinned out might be some good sized gill to go after that would be cool
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