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CWA Jumbo Tournament

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Went to Jumbo for four days for the CWA tourney. Got on the water around noon on Thursday and just decided to troll around the whole lake to get a feel for it. I had only fished it once before. After about 50 dink walleye's i decided trolling cranks was out! Same thing had happened to me last year. So on Friday I decided to go shallow (five feet or less in the weeds and just bass fish. My best five fish were from 20-22 inches, so I knew what to do Saturday when it counted.

Saturday I caught about 20 fish shallow and the five I weighed in gave me 12.3 lbs which was good enough for second place. Day two i got a skinny 18" eye on my second cast and that was my last keeper of the day??? I jumped from weed bed to weed bed hoping to bump a group of big fish to no avail. I hooked one about noon that looked really nice, but she pulled off at the boat. After that I moved out into the channel to pull live bait for the last two hours and caught probably 20 fish but they were all 13-14.5 inches:mad:

Any way it was fun weekend and I got a good check for 2nd place the first day. I just wish my pattern would of held for one more day.
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didja huck blades? they kicked ass a week ago-
yah weeds and blades don't mix.
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