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I have done both and it has it's place. Many die hards of the Euro techniques will get sad with my assessment.

Czech nymphing is a great way to catch a lot of fish.. it's a numbers game that is best executed in a scientific manner. Gridding water and detailing the area flat works. That said, big fish just don't let you get that close to them under most circumstances. You can catch bigger fish czech nymghing but it's not ideal. You just have to get too close.

French/Polish nymphing is better for bigger fish, but I found that casting and line control is tougher. It's a lot about figuring out weight and what works best for different currents. It's fun, but I feel like a bobber is a better presentation for big fish. I have never sight fished using this technique, but I think it might be a good way, but I'm just not sure I am ready to go that route because I can cast so precisely with a standard fly line and leader and that simply works for sight fishing.

Just my 2 cents.. I still have a rod for it but the likelyhood of me doing it again are slim. It's great for tournaments where numbers are important. I'm just not a numbers person.
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