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Almost famous....scroll down to the middle and my pic is there.

The fish was caught in 2004. 18.25 inches and 4.8 pounds. A passerby took the pic for me. Caught him on a zoom 4" tube jig rigged texas-style.

The funny part about this story was that I was fishing in my belly boat but got out to take a discreet "nature break". However, there were so many pedestrians (and no restrooms) that I figured I would make it look like I was shore fishing while waiting for the opportune moment. That time never came.

Second cast at some tree structure and wham! The bite was so hard and solid it sent the "thump" up the fishing line like a telegraph signal to my arm. Set the hook and the fish lept straight out of the water. Since the fish was near heavy cover and my waders were already on, I simply cranked on the reel and closed the gap by wading in. 2 to 3 minute battle tops and the fish was in my hand.

P.S. My fishing time has been cut in half this year and that is a shame. This working for the man stuff is for the birds. Sure wish I could get paid to fish.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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