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   So this is for everybody that is boat motor savy.
    I have an I/O, And while i was out the other day I was cruisin the lake and started smellin somethin burning i cut the engine. Only after a few special words. I opened the hatch and smoke was rolling off of the engne.
   Clearly it over heated, but the funny thing i found once the engine cooloed was after i took the water pump hoses off there was black rubber hose pieces in the lines. There was a lot of chopped up hose in there too. Also the hoses hooked on the back of the manifolds (I think its the exhaust bellows) were completely fried.
    Hopefully someone can help. And trust me i've heard that i should have a professional look at it. Unfortunately i'm only a student so can anyone say very limited budget.

                                                      Thanks fellas
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What year and make is the motor?

Also did you check the impeller? That's where I would start.
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