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Are you seriously bragging about one keeper eye? :D I get to enjoy the sunlight with my kids and then I get to catch some walleyes at night when they --and you-- are asleep. Why don't you come along sometime? I'll show you how to catch a proper limit of walleyes. :-*:lol: I did two boat trips with fisher32 this weekend. And we have nothing to show for it. Good thing I still have a couple eyes from my pedestrian ways. ;):cool:
I think it's just something about being on a boat, I've had many times when the shore fishing was obviously better as I watched them catch while I skunked but just went right back out on the boat, as far as night fishing goes, you can have it, I don't care how many more you catch, I don't really care for fishing in the dark, rain or snow ok but not in the dark, tried it, caught my pb Cat at Pueblo and some big Halibut in the Salt but much prefer the daytime.
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