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Went to Delaney Buttes on sun 3/5/06, started at my favorite NDB at 7:30am and saw very few fish caught 1 21" bow in 8fow. 2nd stop was EDB and we saw alot more fish in alot less time but only hooked 1 fish each. 3rd stop was SDB my buddy and I each iced a fish within 5 min. I caught an 18" bow and my friend caught 17" cut. We ended the day with 5 fish each, and missed alot more. The ice was great and we had all 3 lakes to ourselves. Temp was around 45* it felt like heaven compared to the derby.
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good report, we were gonna hit them lakes again this up coming weekend, you are right about the tournament, there were so many people fishing by the ramp at north, it looked like a little town.
those lakes do fish well when the weather is nice, all my biggest fish have come out of there when the sun was out..
i'm sure it is still over 24 inches thick at north, maybe a little less at east and south.
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