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Delaneys 6/18-19

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I made my first trip to the Delaneys last weekend. Stayed at North, took the only camping spot I could find, near the crapper on the bluff overlooking the west side. Counted 18 groups of people camped out, just on the north lake. Set up my tent and then cruised over to east and fished out of my watermaster 12-3:30. Wind was a b*tch but managed to hook 6 and land 4 all on callibaetis patterns. Best fish was a 17.5" cuttie. That night I fished north and did very well on big buggers fished near shore. Best fish a 23" brown. I quit at 11:30 and there were still a bunch of boats and tubers out. What's with folks crankin' the tunes at all hours?? I like music too but there is a time and place . . ..

Next day I fished north 8am-2:30pm. Nice callibaetis hatch and quite a few damsels out. I got schooled. Landed two.

That night I tried north again. Not nearly as good as the night before but I had the lake to myself after 10pm. Landed two and missed several takes. Fish were out deeper and wanted a bigger fly, had several takes on a #4 white bunny leech that I let sit on the bottom then stripped in fast in 10-15' of water.

Thats my report . . .

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I remember when i first found Delaney...i like that place a lot. the fishing can be tough on the north lake, but very rewarding if you hit it right. night fishing there for browns can be frustrating at times, but is worth it if you put in the effort...ive hooked some huge fish there in the past at night.

glad you had a good trip....
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