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It's a bummer that DeWeese is 2 1/2 hours from Denver. (Maybe that's why the fishing was so good.) What a beautiful weekend, 10-12 inches of ice. We fished the North Side in the middle of a cove just west of the dam. Since I had never fished DeWeese before we Walked about 100 yards out from the parking loop towards the dam. Drilled a test hole to check the depth. We were over 28 feet of water and the Vex was marking fish so I dropped a paddle bug down to see if I could get a reaction from the fish.Bam on the drop I had 3 hits and finally hooked a 16" bow on the 4th hit. We quickly drilled some more holes and started fishing.

By days end we iced 20+ bows and 2 nice browns. The largest bow was 17 and the smallest was 12" the browns were 17-18". We used pink Paddlebugs and Orange Ratso's tipped with Waxworms till we ran out of mealworms. In the early afternoon we moved into shallower water just of the point Northwest of the dam water to set up the hut and site fish for a while. Fishing continued to be hot and we saw quite a few larger fish. All in all a great first time on the ice at DeWeese.
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