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I am heading to Dillion on Sunday if it is not snowing too bad. I am looking for advice on what areas are good for trout(Brown, Bows) and kokes...whatever bites.....any advice? My first trip of the season was to Dillion back in the middle of December when only a small portion of the inlets were hard. I fished the snake inlet and caught a handful of trout and a couple of kokes. Hey, bigbrown46 , I have read your comments on the iceshanty forum, thanks for the tips. I heard you say that the blue and snake inlet side is the best, but is it better to fish in shallow water in the inlet or head out towards the points and fish deeper water? Also what is the ice there snow on the ice....any slush....and finally, what is the water clarity like, when I fished the snake inlet it was really murky, does the water get clearer the further up the inlet.

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yj i will be out on the lake saturday and sunday if you want to meet the dillion marina has pretty much the most steady bite on the lake right now you will catch bows,browns ,and kokes with chances to catch big fish i have been snapped off twice in that area but for the most part they average 10-15 inches if you want to contact me tou can email me at [email protected]
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