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Dillon - Trolling

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I just got back from Dillon.

I spent about 6 hours in the morning nearly every day trolling around Dillon.

I never did get all the way over to the Blue River inlet because a storm blew in and I have only a 15 HP motor and was afraid I wouldn't make it back to the marina.

Anyway, I marked a lot of fish but only was able to land small ones. I had not fished Dillon for years but wanted to escape the heat in Denver. It was nice and cool; about 25°F cooler than Denver (meaning 78°F instead of 103°F).

I mostly used one of my favorite lake trout rigs ? a small pop-gear made of 3/4" hammered nickel willow-leaf blades with a needle fish (fluorescent rainbow colored) attached to a trailing leader. I got down deep by attaching a 1.5 oz bell sinker just in front of the pop gear rudder.

I caught rainbows, lake trout, brown trout, and salmon on this rig. The trout were caught along the face of the dam trolling in 13 to 48 feet of water (deeper later in the day). I caught the salmon trolling across the sandbar on the NE edge of the outlet basin (about 20 yards out from the buoys by the bowel) on the west end of the dam. I marked a lot of fish by the outlet bowel, some large, and I think a shore fisherman could do well there using a variety of baits and trout/salmon lures.

I saw some very large fish in deep water and tried jigging sucker meet on dare devils ? but had no success. Maybe this method might have worked very early in the morning but I tried it at about 11:00 A.M.

One shore fisherman I talked was night crawler fishing on the bottom near the courtesy dock about half way between the marina and the dam. He said that his buddy (also night crawler fishing) had gotten a MAJOR hit and the fish peeled off nearly all of his line before the fish got itself loose. I did try jigging a night crawler several times but without success.

In summary, I threw about half of my equipment at the fish (including a skunk on a fly and a bubble) and caught about 30 fish (all small) in total over the span of a week fishing between about 06:00 to 12:00. I never did try parking the boat and salmon egg, power bait, night crawler, or marsh mellow fishing on the bottom. Maybe I should have.

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30 fish? not bad..looks like you had a good day! better than mine anyways...i was sleeping so i could come back into work tonight :p
Look at that monster! Hehe, atleast you were catching fish and 30? that seems good even if they were small.
I tried the Blue River inlet last weekend from 10a-12p. and didn't catch anything. The water is really shallow there, didn't realize that....should be good right out where it gets deeper but I couldn't wade that far.
MacGyver-O-Fishin said:
In summary, I threw about half of my equipment at the fish (including a skunk on a fly and a bubble) and caught about 30 fish (all small) in total over the span of a week fishing between about 06:00 to 12:00.
30 fish? Sounds like a good day of fishing.
Sounds like a good day to me.

Is that a Bass???? :)

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
It is a little baby salmon.
This is mostly what I caught.
And it was not just one day. I fished the morning hours on Sat, Sun, Tues, and Thursday.
So I put a lot of time on the water to get the 30 fish.
most any time on the water is good
nice job, the kokanee in dillion are small but very fun to catch, i dont have a boat so the only time i fish dillion is when the ice is on, the snake river inlet is awesome i can catch my limit in about a half hour there
yeah the only time i ever fished dillon was ice fishing in snake river inlet. only kokannes i ever caught
I've ice fished the Snake River inlet as well. Have done reasonably well on the salmon.

I was looking down my ice hole to the bottom this past January and saw what I think was a giant lake trout cruising for salmon (it swam by pretty fast so I only got a glimps). That is why I tried deep jigging and trolling for Lakers when I was up there last week.
are you sure it wasnt a big splake i have fished dillion for a long time now specificaly in the winter and have never caught a laker and i am a hardcore laker fisherman in the winter if it was thats cool i will have to start jigging it a little bit more
The dow stocked splake in dillon for a year or 2,dont know if they still do,so thats what it prolly is.Then again the bucket biologists maybe at work?I bet lakers would do well in dillon,if they dont want 'em in granby,then maybe we should put some in dillon?Hmmm...
bigbrown46 ... Now that you mention it, it could have been a big splake but I caught a small laker ~11" (or what looked exactly like a small laker on Thursday)
And WHAT are those gigantic fish I've seen hanging just off the bottom in 75 to 90 feet of water? Browns? Splake? Carp? Cats? ? trolling decoys to keep the trollers away from where the fish really are?

Can splake breed? I?ve only caught one up at Wolford. Just curious.

SLAYERFISH ... At first glance, I like it ? if they do not already exist? ... put lake trout in Dillon!
However, if they do exist then salmon fishing will likely not suffer, but if they do not it could ruin the Snake River fun we?ve been having in the winter.
lake trout wont hurt lake dillion at all in fact they need them in there reall bad like and the big fish hugging the bottem are arctic chars thats my opinnion or big browns cause they are deffinitly in there
Oh yeah,I forgot about the Arctic Char!Man that'd be cool to hook wunna them.
there aren't any lakers in dillion supposedly, but I'm sure there are a few. They would do great at dillon, but they won't ever put em in there.
wait til the ice forms up on the lake thats one of my secrets that i dont share but i might lol there tough fish to figure out
I caught a 19 inch arctic char at dillon last year while ice fishing. Beautiful fish I had it mounted. From my understanding they were put in there to try to take care of the shrimp that they dumped in there the char just do not do very well there. I also heard a rumor that dillon is pretty much a dying lake and the fish do not prosper like they use to. The guy who mounted my char said that they use to dump sewage in the lake and that really made the plant life and bugs grow but since they have stopped the shrimp compete with the trout and are winning.
I remember hearing reports of Hudge brown trout comming out of this lake. A guy I work with swears he use to catch monster browns at dillon at night using mice for bait? Anyone else know anything about this?
Talked to a DOW officer at jefferson he said they tried to put them in dillon. But they didn't do very well so they gave up on them.
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