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It's strange to say my first big dispersed camping trip was recently. Definitely the latest in the year I've ever done my first camping trip in my life, but sort of matches the strange year we've all experienced.

We went DEEP into Grand Mesa, to two lakes that Sam and I have never fished. Remy has fished this for years but only goes once if that per year...long and bumpy road but finally got there and couldn't have been more happy. NO ONE around for miles and some absurdly good trout fishing. The lake next to our campsite was BURSTING with Colorado River Cutthroat Trout...Caught 6 eaters for the first night for everyone! The second day we start our mission for BIG BROWN TROUT! Mission starts off very well馃槂

Seeing as we were up there for Three Days and Two Nights, we got a lot of footage. This will be part one of the trip! Hope you all enjoy the action! Got some good drone shots, b-roll shots, and had some great fishing action!



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