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I saw that Northland now makes these minnow head treble hooks, meant to push the shank of the hook through the head and then attach back on to the spoon. I like the idea, if for no other reason than not to burn through as many minnows in a sitting. Also allows for the lure to be bounced on the bottom a bit harder.

Well, having been to ~4 different sporting good stores and not being able to find them, and not wanting to pay just as much in shipping as a pack of the hooks cost, I had an 'aha moment' on the drive home from the lake yesterday.

I already have a bunch of Arnolds Speed Snaps that I use to quickly switch out jigs, so I attached a size medium to the split ring at the bottom of the spoon, and voila! Basically the same thing, now I won't go through a dozen minnow heads in one evening!


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