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When I toss out the bait, I try to make it look as natural as possible. If I use a #10 hook a small crawler will probably cover my hook, I almost always use a slip sinker and sometimes if there is a lot of weeds, I will not pull up all the slack, trying to keep the bait out of the weeds. Sometimes a plain white marshmallow will help keep your bait where you want it, and trout love the marshmallows.
I have seen some very diiff. bait set ups. My kids use to like to tie a swivel, then they put a #4 hook , and attach it to the swivel. Then they put a small split shot about 1-1/2" above their stuff. They have caught a few fish, mostly when we fished newly stocked waters.
They do not fish like that now. They laugh at me when we go out, when their catching more fish.
Flies, lures, bait or what ever make your bait look real.
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