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Does Rampart Reservoir currently allow motorized boats?

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Just wondering if Rampart Reservoir is currently allowing motorized boats and may be open now. Can you drive to the launch area? I heard at one time it was closed and haven't gone fishing there yet...Any comments on the fishing there? Thanks for any comments or advice.
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Yes Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday they allow motorized boats.
Thanks for the info ChrisS...
use caution. the road in can be hell on trailers.
I stopped going there because of the road in-some of the worst washboard I've ever been on. Only about 7-8 miles but it will seem like a lifetime.
Glad to know about the washboard. Kind of like the tests they use to see when things will rattle apart. I agree kirbydog, 8 miles is a lon-n-n-ng ways to deal with washboard. Think I'll take a slow ride up one day without the boat to check it out and just fish the shore. Thanks folks, appreciate the heads-up on that.
Theres always the chance that they have graded the road. Let us know how it is.
Road in is hell, heading up there tomorrow, just take your time and everything will be fine
I hope to get up there later next week and whenever I do get up there I'll post any comments I have on the current road condition. As it is, I get my fair share of trailer jolts on Colorado Springs roads...:)
Thanks for your comments folks.
Take a light trailer

I have done well this year with a Kayak and Pistol Pete type lures.
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