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Matt, as often as you fish, you have to see stuff like that all the time. I've seen quite a bit of it latley. It's a shame. I'm feeling guilty about even thinking of throwing on a Chompers tube or a Tiki stick (in flo waters), and then see people hooking up minnows!  :mad:

I fish by myself alot or w/ my wife and daughter, so haven't had but one chance to say anything. That was at Pella. I guy and his two kids were using worms. All I said was "you know this is fly and lure only water?" He said just the kids were using em, but had a rod w/ a baseball sized bobber in the water w/ no action. Oh well...

Anyway, thought I should add this in this thread...
The CO DOW has a toll free # to call when you see this happening. It's 1-800-332-4155. It's operation game theif. Just provide them w/ as many details as possable. You can e-mail them at [email protected].

Matt, I know you threw something in that open sunroof!  ;)     
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