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dont just talk about it

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Im tired of just talking about changing things im ready to take action . I dont care what it takes if its me and 10 other guys picking up trash at local ponds . Or walking up to people breaking the rules and informing them what they are doing is illegal . We have numbers and dont use them . go to and lets get something started . If we all get together we will have to be heard .
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Great site man. If you set something up ill be happy to support your effert!!!!!

Lets get it on

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
Thanks....if anyone can send me fish pics that would be great .....I just put a forum on there to so I can see how many people we can get to help
Way to go! That's the spirit!
Just looked at and it looks like a great site!
The wife and I will help you as much as we can. Right now I have a bad right hip, so I cann't go around picking up trash. But, after I have my hip surgery in a couple of months, we will be glad to help out in that also.
People do need to be made aware of the size of fish they are catching and keeping.
You have a great idea about taking care of the Colorado fisherman that care.
Cody (cowboy)
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