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Hello fellow fish folks,
Just a note that can possibly save you some time, money and aggravation. Every year we all hear about someone losing a prized rod/reel here at the South Park lakes as well as wherever you fish. One of my fish friends recently lost a $1,000+ outfit to a fish that really wanted his bug while he was distracted, rod overboard. Hopefully we'll retrieve it soon?
Having been in this situation several years ago, and my typical engineering thinking, I took a couple steps to try and avoid a similar situation all over again.
I now, do not take a rod on the lake w/o a float guard on it,

They cost about $3.00 each, cheap insurance!

The other thing that has helped me save tackle, and retrieve it when lost, is in the attached picture. A simple vinyl stick-on that I place on all of my rods, fly boxes, nets and anything else I'll probably lose or misplace. These things are available from,
Vinyl, waterproof and simple, as I remember $25 or so for 200 about ten cents each, 3/4" X 3" stick on almost anything!
The stickers have (Owner: Bill Hadley and my cell number)
I have had three fly boxes returned over the years that I hadn't even realized I lost.
Not for everyone and some folks don't want stickers or floats on their tackle but these two items have saved me a lot of money over the years.
Hope you never lose a loved rod and reel, it's a big kick in the stomach for sure.

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Kind of amazed at the people who say they left a rod or a tackle box at a lake. Not that hard to check your stuff before you leave.

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I have never lost a rod on my boat or when I was a shore fisherman.
All rods are in a rod holder or in the hand if the line is in the water, simple.

I agree with slayer, $ 1 k for a rod.
I will never know if an expensive rod is worth it's money.
I could afford one but choose not to.
I take a guy fishing on the boat that his most expensive rod and reel cost $50.
It catches as many fish as my $250 rod and reel.

The rod doesn't catch the fish, the lure does.
I'd rather spend money on lures than rods.


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Main situation where this has almost happened in my experience is while in the float tube or 1-man pontoon and handling a fish in the net. You remove the fly from the fish's mouth and drop the flies over the side to get them out of the way while working with the fish for a picture or measuring, etc., then next thing you know another fish right below you strikes, your rod tip bends down violently, and the whole rod/reel rig flips off into the water if you don't have it snugged down. Bill's suggestions are good ones.
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