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take a ultralight hiking trip each summer with my brother and keep things to a minimum in my pack. I have a 7 foot Medium Action telescoping spin cast rod that has served me well for the past two years - the key reason I use it is because it telescopes in on itself and packs down to only about 15" long. This last year I borrowed a cheapie fly reel from a friend and took it with me. I have no clue what the weight of the reel or fly line was that I was using... It took some practice, but I managed to get pretty comfy switching from the spin cast reel which I use in the alpine lakes, to the fly reel and working the streams with my "ghetto rig" with dry and drop flies.

I decided this year to purchase a new 5/6 fly reel. Now I need some advice on what weight of fly line & taper I should buy to put on my reel considering I'm using a fairly cheap, medium action 7 foot spin cast rod...?

I'm also open to suggestions from anyone that has experience with using a combo rig like this - anyone have a brand/model of rod that they love using interchangeably with either a spin cast or fly reel? It would need to be cost effective (i.e. cheap) and be able to break down and pack easily!

Thanks for your help!
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