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I guess it really depends on the fishing you do and the presentation you desire. i prefer a WF-F line, as i do a lot of long casts and fish streamers a lot on faster action rods, but i know guys that fish slower rods (meaning more "limber" or "softer" action) that like DT lines. if you fish dries a lot and are looking for a more delicate presention that is probably the way to go. i like a line that loads quickly and can handle wind, so a WF line works better for me. some of my rods are so fast i even overload them with a line that is rated 1 weight heavier than the rod i am fishing---like my 8 weight Sage XI2, which i use mainly for salt water, or my 8 wt Sage XP which i use almost exclusively for streamers. with this setup i can get alot of line out quickly and therefore load my rod more effectively than i would if i was using a DT line. I do have a DT line on a 4 wt Thomas and Thomas, this i use mainly for throwing dry flies on smaller creeks where my cast rarely exceed 30 feet or so and it works fine. it all boils down to what you like though...keep messing around with the two, but dont limit yourself to one line if you can afford might come up short one day depending on the conditions you fish or the type flies you are using...
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