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I fished Douglas Lake, north of Fort Collins, three times during the last week from a boat (the ramp is usable, now).  Shore angling was hit or miss, with many anglers having no luck at all, and other doing quite well for stocked trout near the boat ramp.  Some successful anglers were using powerbait, some using small crankbaits and/or spinners. 

Wiper fishing is still a little slow, but I took a 16" fish on May 4, and another fisherman told me he had taken a "big" wiper on May 8, trolling what looked like a shad rap.

I also caught a 16" walleye on May 4.

Nothing but trout for me since May 4, and all my fish have been caught on various crankbaits at Douglas over the last week, which I troll.  The walleye hit on a slow troll, the wiper and trout on faster trolls.

On the first two trips, I would have limited in the first 30 minutes of trolling if I had been keeping trout.  Yesterday was slower, and I caught only 4 trout in 4-5 hours on the lake.

I'm hoping a little warm weather will encourage the wipers to start hitting in greater numbers, there. 
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