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Ok it hasnt been my internet has been DSL stands for doesnt stay long! I am 63 million posts behind!...well I went back to Douglas Sunday started auspiciously...set my alarm for 5:30 and managed to do it...the problem was that it was PM...I didnt get there until 8am...I got a dozen of big beautiful shiners at Bennetts in Loveland...had my leeches...had my friend Dennis got there quite a bit earlier than I...well we tried 8 different spots in the span of 6 hours along the dam...nothing but Pepe Le Pew (the dreaded skunk)...many people came and went in the time we there...some of them clearly wiper fishing and nothing for them either...I watch intently with polarized glasses...not a cruising wiper, bass or shadows for 6 hours...the wind was blowing into the dam at about 5-10 was perfect for fish to stack on that shoreline...they still must of been feeling the effects of the cold front...I saw one gentleman catch a trout on the south side of the boat ramp...a couple boats had trout...I didnt try for wipers or walleyes or nothing...on the way back we hit Watson Lake by Bellview...what a beautiful setting if you havent been has been a decade since I was back there...the trees have grown up...what a fishing/picnic used to be just there are walleyes, perch, smallies, and channels...we didnt catch any...the smell of the black and white striped creature was with me Sunday...wish I had better news...
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