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Douglas Reservoir, Boat ramp usable?

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I saw this on the DOW fishing report, can anyone confirm it?

Douglas Reservoir - Ice fishing for trout was fair to good all winter but has slowed since ice-out. It should improve as the lake was recently stocked, though no anglers have reported in lately. Walleyes will become active when the water temperature rises a few degrees. The boat ramp is usable.

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anyone? i have been waiting 2 seasons to launch my boat on that lake.

perhaps calling up to jax in ft. collins?
Yes, boat ramp is usable at Douglas Lake, north of Fort Collins. It has not been usable for years, but they are now filling the lake to drown all the tamarisk (the willowy bushes that have grown in the dry parts of the lake bed since the reservoir was drawn down). The water has come up probably 5 or 6 vertical feet, and the the lower two sections of the floatin dock that used to rest on the ramp are now floating.

I have fished there several times this spring, and have caught many MANY trout on crankbaits while searching for wiper and walleye. Last Wednesday I caught my first walleye and first wiper of the season there, and just before the last cold snap another guy came off the lake with 30" walleye (highly unusual at Douglas).

Since then, the water temps have moderated somewhat, hovering around 50 at the surface, and the hoards of stocker trout have been the most frequent biters (at all depths). I'm thinking a few warms days might light a fire under the wipers and eyes in the near future. Water is warmer on the Southeast end where the lake is shallower, and in the Northeast area near the main inlet where they have been filling the lake, and a few small to average wipers have been caught over there on crank baits, minnows, crawlers.
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Here you go Andy...the bio on Douglas...

Directions: From Wellington exit on I-25, go 5.5 mile west, south and west on Highway 1 to County Road 15, 1 mile north on County Road 15 to County Road 60, then 1/4 mile west to LaVina Drive. North on LaVina Drive to the lake. From Fort Collins at Highway 287 and Highway1, take Highway 1 north 4 miles to Waverly cutoff (County Road 15), north on County Road 15 to County Road 60. Then 1/4 mile west to Lavina Drive, north to the lake.

Fee: None

Boating: Wakeless only

Fish: Rainbow trout, walleye, wiper, catfish, yellow perch and largemouth bass

Water Acres: 565

Elevation: 5,150 feet

Managing Agency: Division of Wildlife. For more information, call (303) 297-1192.
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Thanks, how is the bass fishing, I dont always trust the DOW info.
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