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Does anyone have any information on Douglas Reservoir up by Wellington?

Any website with information? Can a guy put a boat on it?

How big is it? What's in it?

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Walleye, trout, bass and bluegill are the most common fish in Douglas. I believe its about 500 acres and you can use a boat. The problem is that right now the ramp is out of the water and it needs lots of water to make it usuable. If you have something small enough to hand launch you can still get it in.

Here is information from the DOW, State Wildlife Area listing for Douglas.

Elevation: 5000
Acreage: 565
Hunting: None.
Fishing: Trout, small mouth, yellow perch
Facilities: None.
Restrictions: a. Hunting is prohibited.
b. Fires are prohibited.
c. Boating in a manner that creates a white water wake is prohibited.
d. Discharge of firearms or bows is prohibited.
e. Sailboards, sailboats, and ice skating are prohibited.
f. Camping is prohibited.
g. From one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise, use other than fishing is prohibited.
h. All-terrain type vehicles, dirt bikes and snowmobiles are prohibited.
Comments: Users of wildlife areas are reminded to check current hunting, fishing, and land use regulations when planning to use an area for any purpose.


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good luck on putting a trailered boat in there. i ice fish it every year, when the ice lasts. it is a sweet little reservoir. i went last year 4 times from april - july to launch my boat - the water never made it up and the dock at the ramp was never put in. a belly boat or canoe would be good.
it does get seriously choaked with weeds come mid summer.

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this is one of my fav. lakes to fish. ive caught a couple of bass,
nothing big but i just like the lake. I like to fish on the east side of the lake in the weeds, and last year in aug. my wife and i were
fishing with worms and a big fish jumped, i did not see it but the splash was big and loud. a few sec. later it jumped again. it was a very big fish it jumped straight out of the water and landed again tail first. i dont know what it was, did not look like a bass, like a brown trought only yellowish, i dont know what it was but ive been glued to that lake ever since. i have'nt caught anything i would keep though the bass was maybe a two pounder
this year i plan on working that lake it's alot of fun not alot of people and great veiws
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