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DOW assault on big fish continues

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What does everybody think about this?
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Jays right, we've talked about this a thousand of times. Any angler reading this article should be outraged :mad:.  The time for talk is over boys, we REALLY need to do something about this.  From the article, these are "proposals" so perhaps there's still time. This would ABSOULTLY kill Granby as a lake trout fishery.
I've only been targeting lakers the past two years, mainly through the ice, and it's absolutly some of the funnest fishing there is. I only wish I picked it up a few years earlier, during the good old days of Granby.
Great job ZMAN!!!!!!!!! That's a start. Thanks for writing the letter, and I'll do my part up here in the "North" to spread the word.
So here's a question (or thought) that's been on my mind for quite some time. Does the Kokanee "really" bring in that much more revenue for the state? ( or Grand County area ?)I guess I really find that hard to believe. I understand that Granby is a big source of eggs for the state, so that resource needs to be protected. I've probably fished Granby 20 times the past couple of years, mainly through the ice. Of all the people I've talked to on these outings, not ONE said they were there," targeting salmon". So with the lake catering to ice fisherman "mainly after lakers?" 5 or 6 months of the year, when are all the tourists up there, fishing for Kokanee? In fact, on this site, and another "ice fishing site", the only mention of Kokanee I've EVER heard of is from Dillion , on early ice @ the inlet. I'd think that the Grand County businesses would be hit alot harder by fewer laker fisherman, instead of Kokanee fisherman.
1 - 6 of 121 Posts
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