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Terry Franklin may be the most ridiculous man in the state. He doesn't belong in government and he should be sent packing.
So called invasive species can be brought in by waterfowl, and 90% of the time waterfowl are what bring them in. And why don't other lakes that allow touching the water have this problem. Thing is basically all don't.
Even if these species arrived, nothing would impact water quality. In fact, zebra mussles actually improve water quality, though they may be a pain in the ass to clean from filtration devices.
Bottom line is these people do not want the people fishing their own lakes. They just know that they could be run out of town if they closed all lakes. They just don't want their employees to have the "responsiblity" to work a tad bit harder cause the people are fishing on their own lakes.
This is another ploy by the "city of grand junction" to ruin a fishery and create more employment so they can bring in more revenue.
It's seriously time to get these people out of office. Just because they are elected or appointed by elected officials doesn't give them license to go against the will of the public.
Almost all important officials in GJ are appointed and not elected, including the mayor and city manager. I think we need to amend the laws in this town and in most all others in the state. It is time to get up and do it.
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