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Drift Socks...are they all created equal?

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Has anybody used one to slow their drift speed down? I fish Aurora alot so it would be nice to not drift a 100 miles an hour...thoughts anyone...
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Its been my experience that they all work about the same, I'm really sure there are better ones out there but I doubt you will notice a ton of difference. Plus you can use multiple socks to acheive ideal drift. Some people even use 5 gallon buckets as drift socks so there cant be a ton of difference in them all.
Zman-Just make sure it has a release rope-thats the rope that goes to the center of the drift sock and collapses the parachute. Otherwise, its REAL hard to pull it back into the boat of you got a good wind. ::) Ed
Thanks guys...I tried the 5 gallon pail thingee...I wasnt impressed...

I see some of them have floats too...I wonder if they make a difference...
I encourage the use of the float so if your snap at the boat releases you don't loose your sock. It happened to me. I lost my favorite sock that I had for years. :mad:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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