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while you f*ckboys were posting about trump, i learned how to catch walleyes. i also went out fishing a lot. rather than post several old reports, heres a bunch of pictures of **** i killed, filleted with my sick new hammer-stahl fillet knife... and ate.

we didnt kill any ocean fish, but we caught the out of them tho...

i didnt kill this guy either.

same with this "lil sugar" as trish dubs them..

i killed these guys though, because the assholes in garfield county would have done it for me instead with rotentone.

i killed these guys too, it was tradition. gotta love memorial day blizzards.


i killed these too, because at the time i sucked at walleye fishing. gotta get my fillets when i can.

i didnt kill this guy though, he definitely tried to kill me though. with his cuteness.

killed these once i found the magic touch. they were delicious.

finally, $outh$ide $mallmouth $elective harve$t $uicide.

walleyes/saugeyes: glow in the dark ringworms, 1/8 oz jighead worked slow and dropshots with leeches or gulp!

crappies: slip bobbers with gulp! minnows.

lakers: 2 inch white tubejigs with dead shiners.

jack crevalle: a "doc goofy jig" thrown into the surf.

snook: shrimp below a bobber in the tidal flats.

majestic sea flap-flap: shrimp on bottom... we were tired of skunking so we fished for junk fish.

smallmouth bass: good ol 2 1/2 inch tubejig in pumpkinseed.

perch: dropshot minnow along the rocks.

lakes im not afraid to namedrop that i fished, that i did good at..

jefferson lake
harvey gap
adobe creek
john martin
lake maconaughy
gulf of mexico
fort desoto
tierra verde

its all about timing, and thinking outside the box fellas... and getting out there and fishing no matter what.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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