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Dyin to fish...

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Im looking out my bedroom window at Union Reservoir..and im dying to fish. i should have gone yesterday and just dealt with the wind, im am regretting being so lazy and not going. anyone else out there got "cabin fever" as bad as i do? i might go put my truck into 4 wheel drive and go by it, just to take a look.....
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I get cabin fever as well. Took the pontoon boats out on highline today for the first time of the year. I knew with the extreme wind it would be a huge effort to even be able to paddle forward, but it cured cabin fever for maybe a day. Hopefully it warms up this week so I can get bass fishin'.
I know the feeling, I drove by union twice today myself thinking tha same thing
I went and wetted a line in the Ark today in Canon City but the wind was bad enough that I couldnt cast well, not experienced enough fly fisherman yet to have to deal with wind too sheesh.
NO snow up there and it wasnt that cold.
Cabin fever? Try not being able to go fishing since March 1st, because they have started you on Chemo for 6 months. My fishing poles are sitting in the living room, rigged and ready to go, and i sit and stare at them every day asking myself "when?" Well my summer is not going to be shot. I will be back out there no matter what...
rottal hey man was at union on fri and sat the wipers were starting to hit the surfaces i dont know now with the weather how it will be but you and your fly rod should mosey on out there
Well i drove on by it yesterday and it was a whitecapped mess...but theres always later this week. the water should be nice and warm if it gets up into the 60s again. if any of you guys see a dude driving a black toyota give me a yell...ill be fishing the south side this week.
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