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WoW! Eric that survey doesn't surprise me one bit. Like we talked about at the summit, if the CPW takes their creel surveys at a trout lake surveying trout fishermen the results are not going to lean towards a predator species like Walleye, Pike or Lakers!!!
THX for your recap!!!

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Thanks for the recap Eric,

Was there a general point or conclusion to the meeting?

Is there goal to increase Wiper fishing opportunities in Colorado?
The general point was to hopefully help the CPW realize wiper fisherman aren't a fringe group as they've been described in the past. There are two types of wiper fisherman those who've caught wipers and are forever hooked chasing the species, and anglers who've yet to catch their first wiper. I think in numbers alone we accomplished that although I was getting frustrated throughout the meeting when we were being described as "the best of the best wiper fisherman in the state".... Granted there were quite a few good sticks in the room but that has nothing to do with the overall decline of many wiper fisheries across the state. When wipers are semi abundant in a body of water it isn't rocket science learning how to catch them. Some guys prefer chasing boils others like using mussels on the bottom. I guess my point with that is we were there as concerned anglers not as an ego driven group that wanted wiper fishing great again for ourselves. One of the biggest reasons I want wiper fishing to get close to what it was years ago is it'll sell more fishing licenses.

You take a buddy that's never been fishing to catch a trout they may or may not get hooked on fishing. You take that same buddy wiper fishing chances are he's buying an annual license tomorrow and asking when you guys are going again!!!!

I don't necessarily want increased wiper angling opportunities in Colorado I want them to take care of the ones we currently have. When there's a supply issue with fry either growing fry or obtaining fry from other states think outside of the box.... or better yet go back through the notes of the people that ran the program in the late 90's and see what they did to create so many phenomenal wiper fisheries.

Another misconception by some of the walleye anglers in the state is the Wiper Anglers want to "shoe horn" wipers into each and every fishery that's ever been stocked with wipers. Most of us also enjoy catching largemouth, smallies, and walleyes. We want balance just as much as the tournament guys or the guys that run down to Pueblo every Friday night for a few keepers to take home. I wouldn't include this in my blog but at one point a few walleye anglers had the CPW biologists shifted over talking about walleye and quite honestly it was a slap in the face to all the anglers in attendance. I'm glad one of the walleye anglers showed up and talked about his concerns with wipers in Pueblo. He took time to attend the meeting and I really appreciate his input.... That being said when they started getting in depth about the walleye spawn in Cherry Creek someone should have re-focused the meeting.

The meeting was awesome and like I mentioned in the blog the lines of communication are still open between wiper anglers and the CPW.

PS... It's a fine line I have to walk here so I can continually work with the CPW and cover these meetings for anglers who aren't able to make it. That being said I'm a small businessman and some of the things that happen when it comes to how our fisheries are managed drive me nuts. If I neglected a certain segment of my customer base and used inaccurate data to adapt my business plan moving forward I would have been out of business a long time ago. I know the CPW isn't a business, but maybe if they ran it more like one we'd have a better product. Sorry for getting off topic and a little mini rant there. I'm passionate when it comes to our fisheries and helping my fellow anglers.
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