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Echo Lake

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does anyone know the status of Echo Lake on the road to Mt. Evans? That is the first place I fly fished, but last summer I went and it was too weedy to fish from shore. Any information would be appreciated.
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I use to fish Echo lake every year and especially right after it iced up before it died for the year. The mysis shrimp in there turn a stocker into a lunker really fast. Fishing in the summer however is extremely tough as that lake as you mentioned is one big weed bed full of trout. On the north side of the lake however lies the golden spots. If you park on the road or the pull of there on the north side of the lake and walk the trail along the north shore heading west, you will find small pockets where the weeds can't grow due to the rocky bottom. These small pockets have mosters and stockers both cruising the edge. I have done well in the past fishing a beaded head nymph or some form of submerger presenation and casted right to the edge and then paused for a few seconds allowing my presentation to drop the 3-6 feet that it takes to get to the bottom and then slowly strip little bit at a time to immitate a small bug jetting along. I have also used a pink shrimp imitation but have done just as well with things like a colorful wully bugger. Walk along that north shore till you get to that corner bay. The only other place to try is along the south shore at sunrise or set where the inlet is. It is very shallow there and the fish move out of there really soon but for that time you can pick them up along the weed line. Some years to the west of that along the south shore once you get to the trees is a good drop off and a lack of sunlight gives you a small area to fish that is atleast less weedy. Anything you can get a fly into will catch a fish when conditions are right. A weedless fly may be a good idea to consider as well. Hope this helps and let us know how you do.
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I've fished Echo about 4 times in 10 years and was skunked every time. I know there are big ones in there, but in the middle of the summer it is tough. I've often wondered about the lakes up the trail, chicago lakes I think they are, but have never heard any reports of the fishing in there.
I was up there last year and tried the old fly and bubble. Got about 5 around 2 pounds. It was great. Alex
Echo Lake ? Mysis Shrimp ? Lunkers? Are you sure that there are freshwater shrimp and large fish in that lake? My understanding is that Echo Lake is purely a ?put and take? ecology that is too shallow and too high to support holdover trout let along Mysis shrimp. Are we talking about the same Echo Lake?
Yes catchandrelease I assume we are. Go to Idaho Springs and then up the road to the mount evans highway, right short of the entrance is the lake. It does contain some kind of scud or mysis shrimp as every winter when the lake goes to die, they all float to the top of the ice and the hole you drill fills with little dead shrimp. However, some of the fish that the DOW puts in the lake in late spring are bigger than just the average 8-10 inch stocker. Then put the feed bag on them for 6 months and they turn into the sweetest pink meat monsters for a high mountain lake with easy access in my opinoin around. However, they are tough to find and like my earlier post mentioned, best to chase in late fall. Just my opinion and personal experience.
Appreciate the information. I will make a point of fishing Echo Lake some time later this summer. Too bad winter kill is such a problem as a fertile high lake is a rare thing.
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